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UTRAC stands for Universal Text Recognizer and Converter. It is a command line tool and a library that recognize the encoding of an input file (ex: UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, CP437...) and its end-of-line type (CR, LF, CRLF).

It has three main features:

This project is now maintained by Emmanuel Crombez duncan(a)alliancemca(d)net, but you can still contact the original developer (Antoine Calando) at acalando(a)free(d)fr. Development has been undertaken at the Alliance MCA company. It is released under the GPL (and an other proprietary license -- see the FAQ) and it currently works with Unix. There has been some work to port it for Windows and MacOSX, but it still not released, and may be it will take a lot of time, since we do not have much time to spend on this project anymore.

A version with a graphical interface (with Qt) is also planned.


25 February 2005

Version 0.3.0 is out! The tutorial for the command line tool has been updated, and there is a new tutorial for the library. The API documentation has also been updated (but there is still some work to do...).

20 January 2005:

Version 0.3 is almost ready! If you're in a hurry, you can still download the 0.3rc :^)

New features are: english error messages, two KOI8 charsets added, new option to display each extended character with each charset. And a man page!

4 December 2004:

Utrac 0.2 is released!

19 October 2004:

Utrac 0.1 is out!

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