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UtSession Struct Reference

Structure containing all required information for Utrac. More...

#include <utrac.h>

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Public Attributes

 Charset array loaded from charset data file.
int nb_charsets
 Number of charsets in UtSession::charset.
UtLangSys language
 List of languages used.
UtLangSys system
 List of languages used.
int language_default
 Index of default language (relative to UtSession:: language).
int system_default
 Index of default system (relative to UtSession::system).
UtEolType eol_default
 Default type of end of line.
UtEolType eol_alt_default
 Default type 2 of end of line.
UtCharsetIndex charset_default
 Default charset of the system.
ulong nomapping_char
 Character used if a character conversion error occurs. No character inserted if zero. Set by user.
int(* progress_function )(UtText *, float)
char * error_string
 error message (seldom used).

Detailed Description

Structure containing all required information for Utrac.

This structure contains all the required information for an utrac session (charsets data, language, system and charset default...). Its unique instance can be accessed with the ut_session pointer which is defined as a global variable. It is created with ut_init() and destroyed with ut_finish().

See also:

Definition at line 117 of file utrac.h.

Member Data Documentation

int(* UtSession::progress_function)(UtText *, float)

The function is called regularly (see UT_LOAD_STEP and UT_PROCESS_STEP), with the float argument betwwen 0.0 and 1.0, indicating the part of the job done. The function is called only once with 0.0 (the first time) and once with 1.0 (the last time), so these values can be checked to do initialisation and cleanup. If this function return 0, the processing is interrupted. Set by user.

Referenced by ut_conversion_pass(), ut_convert(), ut_distrib_utf_pass(), ut_eol_pass(), ut_init_noalloc(), ut_load(), ut_recognize(), ut_update_progress(), and ut_xascii_pass().

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