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Utrac File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
debug.h [code]
ut_charset.c [code]Functions which parse the charset.dat file
ut_charset.h [code]
ut_conversion.c [code]Conversion functions from one charset to another
ut_error.h [code]
ut_loading.c [code]
ut_messages.c [code]
ut_messages_en.c [code]
ut_messages_fr.c [code]
ut_recognition1.c [code]Distrib/utf8 pass and EOL pass
ut_recognition2.c [code]Extended ASCII charset pass
ut_text.h [code]
ut_utils.c [code]Various internal functions
utrac.c [code]Public API for using Utrac
utrac.h [code]
utrac_cmd.c [code]"utrac" shell command

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