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UtText Struct Reference

Contains all the information about a text and its processing. More...

#include <ut_text.h>

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Public Attributes

char * data
 Pointer to the beginning of the text. It is finished by a null character. Set by user or Utrac.
ulong size
 Size of the text, without the terminating null character. Set by user or Utrac.
UtEolType eol
 EOL type recognized by Utrac.
UtEolType eol_alt
 EOL type recognized by Utrac.
UtCharsetIndex charset
 Charset recognized by Utrac.
ulong nb_lines
 Number of lines in the text. Set by Utrac.
ulong nb_lines_alt
 Number of alt lines in the text. Set by Utrac.
ulong * distribution
 Frequency distribution of the text. Set by Utrac.
 Linked list of lines containing extended characters. Set by Utrac.
 Array containg evaluation of each charset. Set by Utrac.
UtTextFlags flags
 Flags that control the processing of the text. Set by user.
UtPassFlags pass_flags
char skip_char
float progress_done
 Part of the process already done. Value included between 0.0 and 1.0. Set by Utrac.
int progress_todo
 Number of passes to do before end of the process. Set by Utrac.
UtPassFlags current_pass
 Type of the pass in progress (used in the 'progress bar' callback).
void * user
 Structure for user data. Never touched by utrac, except during initalisation.

Detailed Description

Contains all the information about a text and its processing.

This structure is created by ut_init_text() and destroyed by ut_free_text(). It is used to pass different arguments to ut_process_text(), and to stock information about the text all along its processing.

Definition at line 160 of file ut_text.h.

Member Data Documentation

char UtText::skip_char

UT_SKIP_CHAR, since the text can already already contains UT_SKIP_CHAR value if UT_F_REMOVE_ILLEGAL_CHAR is not set. Set by user.

Definition at line 176 of file ut_text.h.

Referenced by ut_debug_text(), ut_eol_pass(), ut_get_post_char(), ut_get_pre_char(), ut_init_text(), and ut_recognize().

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